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About Us

Our mission is to promote the spirit of patriotism, networking and cooperation among Tanzanians in the United States, for their individual and collective success, and to mobilize the vast resources of manpower and machinery toward building a greater Tanzania.

The objective behind establishing the office at the DTVC, emphasizes the importance the government places on the contributions Tanzanians in the Diaspora make to the economy.
Tanzanians in the Diaspora, serve in building bridges between their country of residence and Tanzania by providing market access, sources of expertise, knowledge.

DTVC is also in the movement of perusing change in Tanzania laws where as Dual citizenship should be permitted. Currently most countries in the new era have changed the laws to allow dual citizenship. Dual citizenship will make it possible for Diaspora to fully participate in building Tanzania without any short comings.

Objective of DVTC:

The organization is organized as a Not-for-Profit Corporation for some of the purposes:
1. To provide a forum for research, discussion and exploration of new businesses, educational and investment opportunities in Tanzania and America.
2. To build and operate a database of Tanzanians with skills and make such database available to the public and private sectors.
3. To provide educational, scientific and investment advisory services to benefit the public and private sectors
4. To encourage networking among Tanzanians based on the pressing economic, educational, social and cultural issues facing Tanzanians.
5. To encourage research, education and to the involvement of business and Scientific
6. Community, Industry, Government and others in the promotion of business and investment in Tanzanians and America.
7. To raise and receive funds for the support and enhancement of the purposes stated above.